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Backflow Testing

When it comes to apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings or any public building with plumbing, most municipal codes require the installation of a backflow prevention device at each cross-connection point found within the plumbing systems. The type of backflow preventer required will be in line with the degree of hazard present on the premises.

What is Backflow?

Clean (potable) water flows under pressure through municipal water lines to homes and businesses. Backflow happens when the reverse flow of dirty water comes through the clean water lines. Dirty water can be contaminated with feces, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer and other hazardous materials, and causes a serious health hazard. Backflow can occur at cross-connections between potable and non-potable water in any residential, commercial or industrial system.

Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention device most commonly consists of a pair of mechanical check values that prevent dirty water from flowing back into the clean water supply in the event of an unexpected or drastic change in water pressure. If properly installed and maintained, a backflow preventer will keep drinking water safe and free of contaminants.

Backflow Testing

At Crossway Plumbing we inspect backflow vlaves annually to make sure they are working properly and to keep your property in compliance with any local codes. If backflow testing isn’t completed in time, your fresh water supply may be interrupted and your business could suffer financially from fines.

Quality Service

Crossway Plumbing can perform annual backflow testing, repairs, installation and backflow certification of all types of prevention devices. We handle all the necessary paperwork relating to your annual inspection, then remind you when your next annual backflow testing is due. This keeps your property remaining in good standing with your local water authority.

Crossway Plumbing can also inspect your plumbing system to verify that your property is equipped with the proper backflow device or devices.

Call Crossway Plumbing  at 412-719-3000 to schedule your backflow test today and keep your property and water safe. 

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